Lehigh University

Brochures for two consecutive seasons featuring scheduled performances for Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University.

Cambridge University Press Commemorative

This twelve-page brochure was created for a reception at the British Embassy in New York celebrating four centuries of printing and publishing by the oldest press in the world. As ultimate constitutional head of the press, His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, gave final approval on our designs.

Exxon Film Collateral Package

Exxon’s most-requested educational materials package which accompanied the Academy Award nominated film, “The Treasures of Tutankhamun.”

American Humane New Deal for Animals, People and the World We Share

Brochure outlining a 10-point plan to build a humane and ethical world.

American Humane “Be Kind to Animals” Commemorative

Twenty-four page brochure celebrating a century of “Be Kind to Animals Week,” the oldest commemorative week in American history.

Effort Foundry Folder and Sell Sheets

Folder housing sell sheets for Effort Foundry, a supplier of high-integrity steel castings for the pump, valve, nuclear, power generation, and military industries, as well as other general manufacturing applications. This format allows for economical updates and maximum flexibility for customization.

Delaware and Lehigh Artisan Trail Guide

Twenty-four panel brochure to accompany a scenic drive highlighting 25 galleries and artisan studios along the way.

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